Why Mobile Home Park Investing Makes Sense with Andrew Keel

Jul 19, 2023 | Podcast

Join us in this enlightening podcast episode as we sit down with Andrew Keel, a seasoned real estate investor with a remarkable journey from a Central Florida real estate apprentice to a successful mobile home park investor. Andrew shares his transformative experiences in wholesaling and residential flips, which led him to the realization of the vulnerability in his business model as a house flipper.

With an eagerness to diversify and create passive, recession-proof income, Andrew ventured into the world of manufactured housing. In this captivating conversation, he sheds light on the soaring demand for affordable housing, especially in the face of limited supply and redevelopments. Andrew’s vision of owning over $100 million in mobile home parks and self-storage facilities makes for an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion.

Tune in to discover why mobile home park investing offers a win-win scenario for both investors and residents, providing America’s most affordable, non-subsidized source of housing while securing steady returns. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to gain insights into the promising world of mobile home park investments.

[1:27] – How he got into mobile home parks
[4:25] – How long did his first deal take
6;00 – Lessons from his fist property
[8:55] – Future of mobile home parks
[10:16] – Strategies for making more profit
[11:56] – Cash flow play vs Appreciation play
[12:46] – Buying criteria for mobile home parks 
[15:36] – Mistakes in mobile home park business
[19:46] – Deal flow 
[21:00] – Objectives he wants to achieve 
[21:26] – Contact Andrew

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