Unlocking the 3+1 Degrees of Freedom by Leveraging Your Spouse with Derek Clifford

Jul 6, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Derek Clifford as he explains the 3+1 Degrees of Freedom. With the way Derek works through things, taking notice of his ‘engineer’ mind can be pretty straightforward. Derek shares why there’s so much focus on mindset and visuals in his book, Part-time Real Estate Investing for Full-time Professionals, why assessing your risk tolerance is critical, and his take on how you can leverage your marriage in business. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How Derek got disillusioned with his W-2 job 
  • What is the book Part-time Real Estate Investing for Full-time Professionals about? 
  • How do you determine if the right way to invest for you is active or passive? 
  • Derek Clifford on leveraging your partner in life 
  • What do the 3+1 Degrees of Freedom comprise? 

About Derek Clifford: 

Derek Clifford is a successful single and multifamily real estate investor, adding 13 out-of-state units to his portfolio in his first year of acquisitions while working a full-time job. Today he is a multifamily investor controlling 200+ apartment units with over $20M AUM. 


In August 2021, Derek successfully retired from his full-time corporate job at a large utility company on the West Coast, using his growing real estate portfolio to facilitate a life of travel and unlocking the three degrees of freedom: time, location, and financial. 


He is also an author and podcast host of the “Elevate Your Equity” show. He is the founder and CEO of Elevate Equity, a firm that partners with individuals and companies to purchase, improve, and operate cash-flowing multifamily apartment real estate. Derek published his first book, “Part-Time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals,” in 2019, which has helped several people get started on the path of growing their passive income on the side while working a full-time corporate job. 


Derek is a passionate educator and partner in cash-flowing real estate and has a goal of helping 2000 couples achieve financial independence by leaving their full-time work situation to do what they REALLY love with their time and resources. 


Connect with Derek Clifford on: 

Website: https://elevateequity.org/ 


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