The Runway to Financial Freedom with Satch Bernhardt

Aug 25, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Satch Bernhardt as they talk about achieving financial freedom through real estate investment. When the pandemic hit, the world stopped literally. Air travels was halted to stop the spread of the virus. Many, especially in the airline business, lost their jobs. As a pilot, Satch also lost his job. But he already has a booming wholesale business which saved him from a financial crisis. This event opened his eyes to the reality that many of his peers are not ready should there be a sudden crisis that would cost them their job. It is now his passion through Bernhardt Capital to guide airline pilots and others who would want to take the runway to financial freedom. 

Outline of the episode… 

  • From airline pilot to investments 
  • Satch and his wholesale business 
  • On finding the right mentors 
  • On finding the right team 
  • Two important things to know when doing investment business 

About Satch Bernhardt… 

Satch is a former airline pilot for a U.S. carrier. In 2018 he began his career as a real estate investor by flipping houses. In 2020 his airline shut down. Fortunately, he had already established himself in the real estate industry with his business producing enough income for him but he knew that many of his peers were struggling financially. This was a turning point in Satch’s mission with real estate. 

He realized how a pilot’s life can change so quickly.  

This is why Satch started Bernhardt Capital to help all pilots get on the flight path to financial freedom through real estate. 

Through Bernhardt Capital pilots invest alongside him in large value-add multifamily deals across the sunbelt region. 

His goal is that you can generate enough cash flow to Live life at Pilot’s discretion! 


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