Syndicating Multifamily in One of the Country’s Most Expensive Markets with Lior Rozhansky

Oct 5, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode of Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast, Daniel Nickles is joined by Lior Rozhansky, founder of Flora Capital LLC. Lior shares tips on syndicating multifamily in one of the country’s most expensive markets. Lior believes that market stability of the location and establishing solid partnerships are crucial to success. He also talks about his learning experience on losing money and working in a corporate job that limits you from exploring other forms of investment.

Outline of the episode:

  • The importance of having a long-term vision in real estate
  • Lessons he learned from his first two condo deals
  • Lior’s advice for listeners who are looking to get into heavy value add
  • Remaining competitive in an expensive market
  • Why staying focused on one thing is the best thing to do
  • His free ebook

About Lior Rozhansky:

Principal and founder of Flora Capital LLC. He personally lead the overall day-to-day operations and is involved in sourcing deals, performing financial underwriting, leading financial and physical due diligence, negotiating purchase and sale agreements, raising equity, securing debt, and managing assets.

About Flora Capital LLC:

Flora Capital LLC is a dynamic investment company that helps busy professionals diversify their investment portfolios to high-quality real estate assets that produce cash flow and build wealth through investments in multifamily real estate.

They currently focus on assets in high quality locations around the Greater Boston area. Their model enables investors to participate in passive ownership of larger investment properties with a relatively small cash investment. Their assets all produce strong cash flow and have strong equity upside.

Flora Capital’s portfolio currently includes 70+ units of multifamily rental properties around the Boston area, one of the country’s premier markets. They currently focus on cash flowing assets, seeking out opportunities to add value through operational improvements and deployment of capital to address deferred maintenance.

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