Secrets of Achieving Financial Freedom with Eric Martel

Oct 28, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles in this episode with Dustin Heiner, the Founder of Successfully Unemployed. Growing up, Dustin experienced multiple businesses as a natural active earner. But that was until corporate laid him off. In this discussion, Dustin talks about what lay-off taught him, how you should value yourself as a professional, how he approaches every business and investment, and what makes passive income really passive. For Dustin, corporate is only willing to pay you enough to keep you. Sometimes, by staying – you’re actually losing money.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Dustin Heiner on growing up entrepreneurial
  • The lessons of getting laid off from a government office
  • How does Dustin approach residential real estate?
  • Build the business first!
  • The purpose of putting systems and rules

About Dustin Heiner:

Dustin is the founder and host of Successfully Unemployed, a Blog and Podcast about investing, entrepreneurship, and building your own dream life. His desire is to help people succeed in never working a job again.

Successfully Unemployed is committed to helping people on their business journey by sharing insights on how to successfully create businesses and never work a job again. Successfully Unemployed values the story of each business owner and does not hide away from failures; instead, shares them openly.

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