Scaling Your Income Streams with Multifamily with Anna Tan

Oct 12, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Anna Tan in this episode of The Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast and learn how to scale your income streams with Multifamily. Anna recounted that their first real estate venture was a single-family space where they experienced several troubles. She realized that if you put in the same amount of effort, why are you spending your time on smaller properties when you can scale up faster and get a better outcome from your commercial real estate? Anna also shares the different ways to build generational wealth through passive income. Tune in to learn more!

Outline of the episode…

  •         Anna’s background in real estate investing
  •         The importance of being in control of any future occurring events
  •         Tips for people who do not have time to do real estate
  •         The significance of having a passive real estate strategy
  •         Challenges and pushback from passive investors in commercial real estate
  •         The minimum amount for passive investment

About Anna Tan…

Anna and her husband, Peter Tan, are engineers by trade and have invested in real estate for the last ten years. In Multifamily alone, the Tans have invested in over 1100 doors and have over $90MM under management. They also operate a property management company focusing on a single-family home portfolio.

The Tans have developed a disciplined investment approach, focusing on capital preservation and strong returns. This involves understanding the submarket, economic and political stages.

SuiteLifeMF’s vision is to create financial freedom or alternative sources of income so that you can enjoy beautiful experiences for yourself and your loved ones. The company was founded to educate and empower those that want to build generational wealth through passive real estate investment opportunities.

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