Scaling to $500 Million in 10 Years with Chris Grenzig

Dec 15, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Chris Grenzig as he talks about what a portfolio manager does at Toro and the giant leaps he had to take when starting his community managing business—JAG Communities. For Chris, his unique perspective on things pushed him past all the speed bumps and analysis paralysis when starting JAG. Hearing his journey, the main takeaway for entrepreneurs is that reinventing the wheel shouldn’t always be the goal. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself that what you’re doing has already been successfully done. How you remake those successful results is the focus.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Chris Grenzig – getting commissions even if my client barely makes a penny seemed wrong
  • The experience of working in Toro as a portfolio manager
  • Starting JAG Communities – The speed bumps and hesitations
  • It’s all about perspective and doing what’s already been done
  • The kind of company JAG Communities aim to be

About Chris Grenzig:

Chris started JAG Communities in Nov of 2020 after moving from Long Island, NY to Jacksonville, FL. He created JAG to create not only the premier manager of apartment complexes in the country but also an unparalleled work environment for all JAG staff and partners.

Prior to forming JAG Communities, Chris worked for Toro Real Estate Partners for 4.5 years overseeing all of their Florida portfolios which consisted of 7 properties, totaling roughly 1,000 units worth $70m.

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