Rebirth of the Suburban Office and How it’s Driving Shifts to New Markets with Brian Adams

Feb 17, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest Brian Adams, the President and Founder of Excelsior Capital, as they speak about the value of understanding your demographics, the comeback of suburban offices, and the change in the relation between work culture and spaces. In this episode, Brian breaks down the specific components of demographics and how it stimulates growth for investments. For Brian, it is always about where the growth is growing. As you tune in, there will be so much more to hear from this episode, so make sure to stick with us.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The factor you need to pay attention to as an investor.
  • How investors break down and figure out their market.
  • On suburban offices and finding good returns.
  • Is remote work the same as working-from-home, and what comes with WFH?
  • A message to passive investors – a refresher.

About Brian Adams:

Brian C. Adams is the President and founder of Excelsior Capital, where he spearheads the firm’s investor relations and capital markets arms. He has ten years of experience in real estate private equity.

Before forming Excelsior Capital, Brian co-founded Priam Properties (an institutional real estate private equity sponsor) in 2010. He provided leadership and direction for the firm in connection with capital markets, investment management, and investor relations.

He has served on the Board of Sirrom Partners, LP, a single-family office investing across private and public asset classes, since May of 2008. Since May of 2017, he has served on the Investment Committee for Solidus LP; an early-stage venture capital firm focused on Healthcare and Technology investment opportunities.

From January of 2016 to January of 2018, Brian served as a member of the Board of Next Gen Advisory Faculty for the Institute of Private Investors / Campden, a program designed to support next-generation family members in preparing the following generation the responsibility of being a steward of family wealth.

He has also served on the Advisory Committee for the Southeastern Family Office Forum since December of 2016. Brian is a former practicing attorney, earning his J.D. from Suffolk University and his B.A. from Wesleyan University with Honors.

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