Real Estate Raw with Bill Ham

Mar 2, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Bill Ham as he explains what makes up a good real estate deal and the factors to watch out for in the current market cycle. Today, Bill shares how he entered real estate investing after leaving his stellar job as a pilot. Since joining his house-flipping friends, Bill now has hundreds of units under his portfolio, which he mainly acquired through creative financing. Here, Bill discusses the basics of seller financing and how creative financing applies to large properties.

In this episode you will learn:
⦁ Why Bill chose to leave his job as a pilot
⦁ Good Deals: 90% the seller, 10% the property
⦁ Tips that tell you we’re going in a down cycle
⦁ What to be careful about in the current market cycle
⦁ Why you shouldn’t overspend on a property

About Bill Ham:
In 2005, Bill quit his job as a corporate pilot and went into real estate full time. He closed only one deal. A duplex. It was cash flowing about $300 a month. He started his entire real estate career with this one duplex and a life savings of $10,000. For Bill, it wasn’t much.

Bill’s first 402 units were completed with some form of creative financings such as seller financing and master lease options. Over the years, he built a large portfolio of real estate consisting mostly of apartments. Bill built a management company that operated the portfolio. At the peak, that company was comprised of 16 employees and managed over 1000 units.
Over the years, he had many successes and many failures. Some small and some big. Bill has made a lot of money and has also lost a lot of it. He has seen all phases of the market. The upcycles and the down. The good times and the bad. He has survived them all. Knowledge and skills are only passed on by those who survive.

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