Paper Asset Speculating vs Hard Asset Investing with Jim Pfeifer

Aug 17, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Jim Pfeifer as they talk about what teaching finance taught him, his process of finding and screening sponsors, his take on the vitality of communication, and his thoughts on speculating vs. investing. As a rule of thumb, for Jim, 95% of any investor’s resources should be invested in hard assets. As the discussion furthers, Jim also explains how diversification should be approached and how it is everyone’s entry into the whole ecosystem of real estate investing.


In this episode you will learn:

• From paper assets to hard assets

• Jim Pfeifer – on where you should be investing most of your resources

• Sponsors are crucial to your network

• You can still get involved even though it’s passive

• Jim’s bad experiences with passive investments


About Jim Pfeifer: Jim Pfeifer is one of the founders of Left Field Investors and the host of the Passive Investing from Left Field podcast. Left Field Investors is a group dedicated to educating and assisting like-minded investors negotiate the nuances of the passive investing landscape and world of syndications. Jim is a former financial advisor who became frustrated with the one-path-fits-all approach of the standard financial services industry. Jim now concentrates on investing in real assets that produce cash flow and is committed to sharing his knowledge with others who are interested in learning a different way to grow wealth. Jim not only advises and helps people get started in passive real estate syndications, he also invests alongside them in small groups to allow for diversification among multiple investments and syndication sponsors.


Jim believes the most important factor in a successful syndication is finding a sponsor that he knows, likes, and trusts. He has invested in over 45 passive syndications including apartments, mobile homes, self-storage, private lending and notes, ATM’s, commercial and industrial triple net leases, assisted living facilities and international coffee farms and cacao producers.


Jim is constantly looking for new investment ideas that match his philosophy of real assets producing cash flow as well as looking for new sponsors with whom he can build quality, long-term relationships.


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