Investing in Self Storage as an Inflation Hedge with Ryan Gibson

Dec 7, 2022 | Podcast

Join your host, Daniel Nickles, and guest, Ryan Gibson, president, CIO, and co-founder of SIC, as they talk about the asset class that can withstand recession and inflation. As a former pilot, Ryan is risk-averse, knowing people could die when he makes even one mistake. He applied this trait when he and his neighbor decided to start a commercial estate development business. They looked for an asset class with capital preservation and found self-storage the stand out among asset classes. In addition, the performance of self-storage over the past four downturns in GDP keeps going up in terms of occupancy and construction. It even took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you want to learn more about self-storage, tune in and enjoy! 


Outline of the episode: 

  • Self-storage and why did he focus on that 
  • Why is self-storage so prevalent in the United States 
  • What is the three F model at Spartan 
  • What are some key things to look for when evaluating self-storage deals? 
  • Financial Underwriting for self-storage 


About Ryan Gibson: 

Ryan Gibson is the President, Chief Investment Officer, and Co-Founder of SIG. He has organized over $200M of private equity for Spartan’s projects. In addition, Ryan has experience managing the development of SIG projects in challenging markets. 

For SIG, Ryan is responsible for project investor relations and capital raises. Ryan is also a highly experienced commercial airline pilot. Ryan graduated from Mercyhurst University with a bachelor’s degree in Business, with concentrations in Marketing, Management, and Advertising. 

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