How to Use Inflation to Your Advantage with Bronson Hill

Dec 7, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Bronson Hill as he explains what real financial freedom looks like, how investing in multifamily reacts to inflation, and why you can’t print your way to prosperity. During COVID, Bronson didn’t know what to expect as an investor, but as the author of The Single Best Investment Strategy During (and After) a Pandemic, tune into Bronson as he speaks about why multifamily properties are the absolute best place to park your hard-earned cash in.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Bronson Hill – when is the right time to leave a great job?
  • The Law of the First Deal and Its Influence
  • Multifamily is a hedge against inflation!
  • Why should you pay attention to inflation rates?
  • What are the five (5) major benefits of investing in multifamily?

About Bronson Hill:

Bronson Hill bought his first rental house in 2006 and rented it out when he moved two years later.  After refinancing and getting $400 a month in cash flow, he was amazed. Later, Bronson started buying houses in Ohio, and his plan was to buy at least 30 homes, replace his income, and experience financial freedom. 

He reconnected with a family member who owned many multifamily apartments who told him, “Your plan sounds like a lot of work!  Also, everyone I know that has done multifamily wishes that they started sooner. Why don’t you just do multifamily?”

That led to Bronson starting a multifamily meetup group in the city where he lives (Pasadena, CA) and partnering with an experienced syndicator (one who raises money to buy apartment buildings or other assets). He contributed with some of the diligence and raising capital.  Being a multifamily syndicator is something Bronson is proud of, and he loves helping others start investing in this asset class.

The advantages of better returns, lower risk, tax advantages, and passive income make multifamily syndication the best investment available.

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