How to Scale Your Real Estate Business Through Mindset and Teamwork with Jens Nielsen

Sep 1, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest, Jens Nielsen, as they talk about how he grows a team on early-on stages, the three levels of ‘why,’ and his wake-up call to real estate investing at 47. Here, Jens shares how impactful coaching has been in his professional life and how it proves the big deal in genuine connections with people. For Jens, getting stuff done is not the problem; it’s getting the right stuff done. Apparently, busy is not always what’s productive.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Jens Nielsen – “I got my education, great career in I.T., and paid my 401(k)… I didn’t want to do that for another 20 years!”
  • How do you find the mentor that’s right for you?
  • The Three (3) Levels of Why.
  • In what ways do you form your early-stage team?
  • When you see the impact coaching gives you, you want to do it for others too.

About Jens Nielsen:

Jens Nielsen is the principal of Open Doors Capital and a full-time real estate investor. He has raised millions for apartment syndications and is a general partner in over 1,100 apartment units around the country valued at over $50M.

Jens is also a Certified High-Performance Coach and has coached many new and experienced real estate investors to succeed in the business through accountability, personal growth, and consulting.

A long career in the I.T. field has provided Jens with the skills to implement systems and technologies to help his team succeed in the investment business.

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