How to Minimize Downside Risk While Investing in a Turbulent Market with Axel Ragnarsson

Dec 29, 2022 | Podcast

Join your host, Daniel Nickles, and his special guest, Axel Ragnarsson, as they discuss practical strategies to help minimize downside risk while investing in a turbulent market. Axel discusses strategies such as buying properties at a discount, increasing communication with brokers, waiving financing contingencies, direct-to-seller marketing, getting competitive with offers, and cultivating relationships with brokers.  Furthermore, he explains the importance of considering loan terms, raising reserve capital to stress-mitigate and protect the capital, focusing on smaller deals, and staying active and consistent to reduce market risk. Don’t miss out on this valuable information and tune in now! 


Already hooked? Here’s what you should expect in this episode: 

  • Minimizing downside for you in a turbulent market. 
  • How have they adjusted to the current rising interest rate environment? 
  • How to communicate to your investors that you’re doing this to protect their capital? 
  • What are the benefits of doing smaller deals? 
  • The importance of being in a market you really understand. 
  • And so much more! 


About Axel Ragnarsson:  

Axel Ragnarsson is a Multifamily investor and podcast host (Multifamily Wealth Podcast) who helps busy folks invest in real estate. He is a real estate investor who is passionate about assisting other people to achieve passive income through investing in multifamily real estate. Axel is a New Hampshire native and has been a full-time real estate investor in the NH area for 5+ years. He purchased his first multifamily property during his sophomore year at the University of New Hampshire. Shortly after, he caught the real estate bug, leading to the founding of his real estate investment firm, Brickleaf Properties. Brickleaf Properties owns approximately $7M in multifamily real estate and has been a principal party in $20M+ transactions. 


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