How to Create, Multiply, and Protect Your Cash Flow with Clay Hepler

Jul 14, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Clay Hepler as Clay explains his approach to creating, multiplying, and protecting cash flow. When thinking about the most efficient venues to hold money in, usually, the majority of people can only come up with two: a savings account and a retirement fund. But they’re wrong. Clay explains why permanent life insurance policies are the way to go and how these policies benefit wise real estate investors. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Clay Hepler, “I thought I was going to become a diplomat….” 
  • Specifically Designed Life Insurance Policies > Savings Accounts 
  • The Capitalization Period 
  • An incredibly flexible liquid savings account that you can use on whatever 
  • What do life insurance companies do to declare dividends 

About Clay Hepler: 

Clay Hepler is a Husband, Real Estate Investor, and Chief Wealth Strategist at the Creative Capitalist. Clay Hepler helps real estate investors and entrepreneurs create their own banks so that their money works harder for them without taking on any more risk, volatility, or working any harder or longer.  


He was able to go from a negative net worth to over $4,500,000 in real estate owned in less than two years at the age of 25 by setting up his own bank and leveraging it to purchase real estate. 


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