How the Global Supply Chain & Interest Rates are Impacting Investors with Jeff Davis

Sep 21, 2022 | Podcast

Rising interest rates and global supply chain conditions are just two things that could indicate the apparent unstable economic conditions. But how do these things impact investors? Join Daniel Nickles and Jeff Davis in this episode of Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast to find out!  

Jeff shares the possible situation of the supply chain nine to twelve months from now. He also talks about building various income streams to find the best deal and the deal that makes sense. Tune in and enjoy! 

Outline of the episode: 

  • His journey to finding consistency 
  • Building various income streams 
  • Global supply chain and its impact 
  • Investing in what makes sense 
  • Black Swan event 

About Jeff Davis: 

Jeff is a global sales executive for a Fortune 200 logistics company since 2005 and has been active in Real Estate since 2015. He is an owner/operator of Bridgestone Holdings, LLC maintaining a portfolio of rental properties as well as fixing and flipping single family houses in Houston and surrounding areas. In 2021, Jeff and Bridgestone moved into a more strategic arena partnering in 2 large apartment syndications for over 500 units. Jeff resides in Spring, TX with his beautiful wife, Cindy, and their 5 children. 

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