How Past Career Skills Can Transfer into Real Estate Investing with Rick Martin

Dec 23, 2020 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest Rick Martin, the founder of Fortress Federation Investments, as they speak about passive income, syndication, investment underwriting, and more. In this episode, Rick shares his wisdom and insight as a real estate investor into how we can create passive wealth now – and for the future. There is a lot to hear and learn from this talk, so make sure you tune in.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Discovering the Solo 401(K): Where can I get the money?
  • What you want to make sure of when syndicating.
  • Horror stories and challenges of managing rental properties.
  • Red flags to be aware of when underwriting.
  • Is there an advantage to being at the bottom of the market?

About Rick Martin:

Rick has been investing in Real Estate since 1997 and has passively invested in over 1,100 units. Before commercial multifamily, he purchased several single-family rentals, flips, and small multifamily apartments. 

He has successfully taken distressed, small multifamily apartments and repositioned them into well-performing assets.  His real estate holdings have taken him through Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Desert Hot Springs CA, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Jacksonville, Fl, Longview, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. He continues to explore other regions of the country, seeking population and job growth. 

In addition to real estate, Mr. Martin has led a career in Entertainment and Commercial Advertising, filling clients’ needs, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and ESPN. His clients also include Lions Gate Films, Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Fox Sports, Discovery Networks, Apple, Nickelodeon, Chevy, V8, and FX Networks.

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