How Passive Investors Can Diversify with a Customizable Fund with Melanie McDaniel

Mar 16, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Melanie McDaniel as she talks about how you can diversify using customizable funds as a passive investor. Melanie, an avid participant in conferences, has gone to more or less ten conferences in the last year and has already attended three this 2022. From the talks she’s listened to, Melanie shares the different real estate assets that will thrive in the post-lockdown market as per experts and economists. Here, Melanie explains how the pandemic emphasizes diversification, her love for capital raising, and what blind funds have similar to the stock market. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How Melanie got into the REI space 
  • What are blind funds? 
  • What direction should you take as an investor in 2022? 
  • Melanie Mcdaniel – an investor holding it in during a pandemic 
  • The challenge of location independence to a business 

About Melanie McDaniel: 

Melanie is the founder of Freestyle Capital Group, a boutique private equity firm, and Freestyle Fund, a customizable Fund. She partners with passive investors to invest in private equity real estate transactions across a variety of asset classes, operators, geographies, and investment strategies. Melanie offers a Michelin Star experience with curated investment opportunities and aims to have a personal relationship with each investor. 

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