Getting Deals Done as a Club with Emma Powell

Mar 23, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles with his guest Emma Powell as she shares how she bounced back from a bitter 2021 by building her own investor club. In this episode, Emma explains how she experienced a hundred-grand loss in a 225-unit deal, the good that came from it, and why you shouldn’t navigate too far from your ‘why’ when investing.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • To be an investor, you have to start with your mindset 
  • Emma Powell – on separating personal and financial finances 
  • How Emma quickly got hold of 92 units 
  • Aligning with your ‘why’ is vital  
  • HIGHRISE GROUP’s Investor Club – Is this for you? 

About Emma Powell: 

Emma Powell is the owner/operator of Highrise Group and is passionate about real estate is the best investment available. Along with her husband of 25 years, Troy Powell, they now live in Salt Lake City, UT, after 20 years in Austin, TX, and are parents of six homeschooled children ages 24 to 10. They have experience partnering in a variety of deals as a lender, deal sponsor, co-owner, syndicator, property manager, and Emma is a former real estate photographer.  

Emma specializes in small business project management with a BS in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing Design. Troy is the IT guy keeping the operations running smoothly with his background in early tech startups. As Key Credit Partners with agency loan experience and owners on several properties, they have experience in getting transactions to the finish line through relationships with lenders, property managers, attorneys, and escrow teams. 

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