From Periodontist to Passive Investor with Jeff Anzalone

Jul 14, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson, with their guest Jeff Anzalone, as they talk about debt reduction and how a doctor can balance his time and energy with real estate investing. As the founder of, Dr. Jeff talks about how doctors, and people in general, can get out of debt with basic investing. For him, when reducing debt, a game of psychology becomes a big component. In this episode, listen as Dr. Jeff Anzalone shares more about DebtFreeDr., how investing doctors can keep burnout away, and how he got rid of a debt he thought would last him 10 years to pay in only under 7 years.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The story behind the doctor-real estate investor
  • Applying Dave Ramsey’s Principles: Starting with the smallest debt
  • Instead of assessing only your wins, ask: “Where did I fail?”
  • The pain points of doctors that passive investing can help address
  • How can a doctor find the time and energy to juggle real estate?

About Dr. Jeff Anzalone:

Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a periodontist in Louisiana. A few short years ago, he started to worry about his family’s financial future. As a solo practitioner, he thought about how if something happened to him, no other income would be coming in. He asked, “What if I became injured? Became disabled? What if burnout started to set in?”.

These concerns made Dr. Jeff take a hard look at his financial future and realized that something needed to be done. Most doctors have only one source of income, their earned income from working and that includes Dr. Jeff. Now he’s learned how to build multiple passive income streams so that slowly but surely, he’s replacing his active income each year.

One day, Dr. Jeff looked up and realized that he was keeping all of this newfound information to himself, whereas most of it had been given to him in some form or fashion. This sparked him to start his blog to share the word to other doctors and high-income earners that you can truly stop trading time for money and start living your life on your own terms.

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