From Math Teacher to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate with Sia Senior

Aug 31, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode, Daniel Nickles interviews Sia Senior about her journey from being a Math educator to achieving financial freedom through real estate investment. She shares how she was able to apply her teaching background to the world of investing. It is her passion to guide others who are looking for passive income. She also loves to teach newbies about real estate investment. She also talks about how their company aims to enhance the apartment communities of the residents. 

Outline of the episode… 

  • From teaching Math to asset management 
  • Translating teaching to real estate investing 
  • The foundation you need before entering real estate investment 
  • On enhancing the communities for the residents 
  • Communication strategy 

About Sia Senior… 

Sia Senior is a Principal and Asset Manager at Arrowhead Capital. She began her career as a Mathematics educator on the high school and community college level. She earned her MBA in Economics and Finance and started in real estate as a real estate professional before transitioning to real estate investment. With nearly twenty years of real estate investment experience, Sia has helped build and manage an impressive rental portfolio. Sia is responsible for company operations and asset management. 

About Arrowhead Capital… 

Arrowhead Capital is a real estate investment firm that acquires multifamily assets in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. They are committed to providing their investment partners with excellent opportunities to passively create generational wealth and enhance the apartment communities of their residents. 

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