From Healthcare Operations to Managing Multifamily Syndications with Savannah Arroyo

Mar 10, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest Savannah Arroyo, The Networth Nurse, as she talks about a medical worker’s experience on getting into active real estate investing. In this episode, Savannah shares the education she had to collect and the change they had to manage to make their first real estate project work. When setting foot into new ventures, for Savannah, it is essential to source your knowledge from not just one resource and to always have an extra set of eyes to serve as a guide.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Getting hooked by real estate while on maternity-leave and binging on YouTube.
  • The resources that help equip you for the target niche.
  • What can masterminds and mentors be to you? Why syndication?
  • When raising capital, get out there and be transparent – it’s part of the business.
  • The story of the first deal that started everything.

About Savannah Arroyo:

Savannah is a full-time Registered Nurse in Los Angeles, California that helps manage multiple departments at a busy, Magnet-recognized hospital. She is also a Real Estate Investor that invests in primarily value-add multifamily syndications.

Willow Investment Group strives to do business with the highest level of real estate professionals. They seek out investment opportunities that provide the most optimal returns for investors. Willow Investment Group is transparent, trustworthy, and totally committed to making people’s money work for them.

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