From Full-Time Doctor to $200 Million in Real Estate in 16 Months with Pranay Parikh

Nov 30, 2022 | Podcast


Despite the excellent salary he was receiving through his medical practice, Pranay realized that if he wanted to give the life he wanted for his family, he wouldn’t be able to get it by working for the next 30 to 40 years. He knew he had to do something else and picked real estate. So, he bought his first four-unit multifamily. It was doing pretty well, and he thought he would buy one a year and retire in ten years. But after his first one, he spent hours looking for his next one. It took so much effort that he thought he should have just been working, making a good salary, and picking up extra shifts. This situation led him to real estate syndication, which allows him to invest passively, where he gets 98% of the benefit with 2-5% of the work. If you want to learn more about passive investing in real estate, tune in to this episode with your host, Daniel Nickles. 

Outline of the episode… 

  • How Pranay got into passive real estate 
  • How do you find deals? 
  • The unique value proposition of Passive Income MD. 
  • The importance of building relationships with your partners. 
  • Finding your niche and sticking to it 
  • Downside protection 

About Pranay Parikh… 

He started as a new attending with zero business experience. Despite loving his job and medicine, he didn’t feel like he had financial security or control over his time. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur and practice medicine on his terms. He helped hundreds of doctors find financial security outside medicine. 

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Podcast:    From MD to Entrepreneur with Dr. Pranay Parikh 

                  From MD to Entrepreneur with Dr. Pranay Parikh 

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