Financial Freedom Through Multifamily Investing with German and Oscar Buendia

Jan 6, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guests German and Oscar Buendia, the managing partners of Good Day Capital, as they talk about their journey on getting into real estate. German and Oscar shared how for them, mentorship and asking the real questions to the right people, themselves included, worked to achieve stability. From one of the guests, we hear that if we accomplish so much, we get to give back much more. There are many good points to take away from this episode, so tune in with us.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Their get-out-there mentality, mentorships, and lessons learned from a book jump-started their position in the real estate industry.
  • Go far with curiosity, perseverance, and by asking the right people the right questions.
  • Move to where stability is present.
  • On making strategies that can adapt to the field.
  • Get the knowledge you need and be honest with yourself, ask: “where am I lacking?”


About German and Oscar Buendia:

German is an 18-year USMC Gunnery sergeant (GySgt) soon to retire, and Oscar is a 10-year USAF Captain. Together they have acquired 20+ multifamily units worth $1.5 mil in assets and bring years of leadership and management experience to real estate investments.

Oscar has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Kean University and an MBA from Liberty University.

They serve as Managing Partners of GoodDay Capital.

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