Evaluating Risk: From Class V Kayaking to Real Estate Note Investing with Susan Elliott

Apr 28, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest Susan Elliott of Flowstate Investing. They talk about what notes are, note investing, performing and non-performing notes, and how notes greatly diversify investing strategies. In this episode, Susan shares how her expertise with kayaking equipped her with skills she was able to transfer to real estate investing. Particularly with notes –a niche that has helped her team discretely provide impact and value to persons and families. Where buyers struggle to pay their mortgage, Flowstate Investing comes in to purchase notes, refinancing strategies, restructure payment plans, etc. For Susan, being a notes investor is almost like being a bank.

In this episode you will learn:

  • From river engineering to real estate note investing.
  • How my former role helped me with real estate – on skills and nature.
  • What is a note, and why note investing?
  • The pros and cons of note investing.
  • What to expect when investing in notes.

About Susan Elliott:

After a decade spent as an international whitewater kayak instructor, Susan discovered the hidden world of Performing and Non-Performing Notes and their incredible wealth-building potential. With Flow State Investing, she helps other investors get more time back and build passive cash flow to pursue their bucket list instead of the next rung in the career ladder.

Susan thrives on communicating intimidating and detailed plans to anyone. She accredits this skill to years working as an adventure guide as well as a River Restoration Engineer. From presenting a detailed financial model to leading a team down a remote river canyon, she seeks to connect with individuals in a way that helps them realize their own strengths.

Today, she helps connect investors with amplified returns through Note partnerships and investments so that they never have to become a landlord (a role she also currently plays and is strategizing her exit plan). Susan also co-manages a suite of Short Term Rental properties in the epic Columbia River Gorge.


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Email:       susan@flowstateinvesting.com


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