Building an Investment Action Plan for the Future with Logan Freeman

Aug 4, 2021 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Chris Thompson with their guest Logan Freeman as they talk about the oldest form of leverage, why people invest in the jockey—and not the horse, and the most important lesson he was able to apply during the pandemic from Grant Cardone. Adversity brings the opportunity; if there’s one big takeaway from Logan’s life and experience—its’ that.

In this episode you will learn:

  • If you make good decisions, they compound on top of each other
  • Good mentors show you your turning points
  • Logan Freeman – on magnitude in multitude
  • When everyone’s left, you have to go right
  • Will more investors give attention to private placements going forward?

About Logan Freeman:

Logan Freeman is key principal, co-founder, and Chief Development Officer of FTW Investments. Mr. Freeman oversees the company’s acquisitions and investment strategies. He also personally selects all key investment markets and asset classes to meet the goals of investors.

Mr. Freeman brings to the company over six years of real estate investing experience. Prior to FTW Investments, Mr. Freeman was the Director of Acquisitions for a fund where he originated the concept, developed the operating plan, and created the company’s products worth over $50M. He also acquired over 225 doors in a little over a year and completed a portfolio refinance, returning all of the investor’s capital and maintaining positive cash flow.

Prior to working with the real estate investment group, Mr. Freeman worked as a director of sales for Service Management Group. This position involved working with a startup, medium-sized service, and consulting companies in and around Kansas City.

Before his entrepreneurial activities, Logan was an All-American collegiate football athlete at the University of Central Missouri, where he graduated in 2013. After his final season in college, he was picked up as an undrafted free agent by the Oakland Raiders.


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