Becoming a High Performance Real Estate Investor with Bennett Schwartz

Sep 28, 2022 | Podcast

One thing that holds people back from doing more than they can is their very selves. In this episode, Daniel Nickles and Bennett Schwartz talk about the limiting beliefs that stops a person from achieving more than he thinks he can. A successful real estate entrepreneur and a high-performance coach, Bennett guides his clients to achieve concrete results by getting clarity on their vision, strategy, and mindset to become high-performance real estate investors. Tune in to learn more!

Outline of the episode…

  • Finding the right coach for you
  • Getting clarity on the goal
  • The benefits of having a coach
  • The importance of the right mindset
  • Common traits found in high performers
  • A preview of his book Lost and found


About Bennett Schwartz…

With a passion for teaching and working with students, he spent a decade taking on various roles such as teaching in multiple schools, athletics director, and Dean of Students. At the same time, his interest in real estate peaked when his son was born a few years back. He realized he wanted to create financial freedom for himself and his family. He was able to acquire multiple investment properties as well as manage a 300+ unit building while undergoing large-scale renovations.

With teaching in his bones and a strong desire to help others develop in all types of areas/industries, he works privately as a Performance and Executive Coach for individuals and groups. He works alongside his clients to get them the results they want.


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