An Engineer’s Blueprint for Passive Income with Flint Jamison

Sep 14, 2022 | Podcast

Join Daniel Nickles and Flint Jamison as they talk about journey from aerospace engineering to commercial real estate investments. Flint started feeling exhausted of working long hours building planes. He decided to look for other forms of cash flow that would help him claim back his time. After some failures, he found his niche and founded Vestus Capital which aims to teach others about commercial real estate investments. His story is truly an engineer’s blueprint for passive income. Tune in to learn more! 

Outline of the episode… 

  • Long distance investment 
  • On mistakes and why it is not all bad 
  • The fastest path to financial freedom 
  • Finding quality partners 
  • The importance of mentorship 
  • What do people really need 

About Flint Jamison… 

Flint is a Managing Partner at Vestus Capital. He started Vestus Capital to help others learn about investing and seek alternative income paths with the money they currently have. There is nothing more valuable than time. Commercial real estate investments are one of the most efficient paths to build passive cash flow and ultimately financial independence. 

Flint was previously an engineer and program manager in the aerospace industry. He has managed $150M+ programs for the military, and has designed commercial aircraft. 

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