Achieving Financial Freedom Faster with RV Campgrounds with Don Spafford

Sep 7, 2022 | Podcast

Are you looking for another investment with a faster return than the usual ones? Join Daniel Nickles and Don Spafford as they talk about an investment with a higher and faster return. Don shares about how he started as someone who followed traditional investment and retirement plans to someone doing various forms of real estate investment; and finally to someone who looked for an investment with a higher and faster return. Tune in to learn more about how this fun and unique investment brings you faster to achieving financial freedom. 

Outline of the episode… 

  • His Real Estate journey 
  • The difference between RV resorts from RV parks 
  • Amenities offered in RV resort 
  • Unique benefits of investing in campground syndication 

About Don Spafford… 

Don has a strong educational background in finance and investing. He graduated Cuma Sum Laude from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He graduated with quadruple majors in Finance, Banking, Investment Science and Portfolio Management, and Accounting. He studied for both the CFA and CPA exams. He has worked for over 18 years in the financial securities industry. He followed the traditional plan of saving and investing for retirement through traditional retirement accounts and some fun stock investing where he has done relatively well. But knew that he would likely never reach his financial goals that way. 

He began understanding Real Estate as an alternative investment vehicle around 2010 when his wife became a Realtor. He read books and researched how to do it. It wasn’t until his family moved to South East Idaho in 2015 when he finally got serious about it after realizing that it was the short cut to financial independence. He bought his first small multi-family property in 2017 and began to quickly scale after that. Within a few years he achieved greater wealth than what he ever thought would have been possible when he first started.  

Don started doing some ground-up development projects in early 2021 with partnerships as well as syndicating large apartment building developments. While pursuing other value-add multi-family opportunities he was not satisfied with the low, average returns he was seeing offered. He began searching for something better. 

Don heard about RV Campgrounds as an investment option. Realizing that he lives within 90 minutes of Yellowstone Park, and many other National Parks within a relatively short drive, he saw that there was a huge opportunity with campgrounds. Soon after he met Adam Lendi and partnered with Happy Camper Capital and is now thrilled to provide great, high-income opportunities to others who seek financial freedom with something fun. 

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